NMA Kano organises gubernatorial debate on health matters

Nasiru Yusuf

Kano state branch of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has gubernatorial debate on health matters.
ALL IN ONE reports that the state chairman of NMA Dr. Abdullahi Kabir Sulaiman announced this on Monday while briefing journalists on the line of activities designated to mark this year’s physician week.
He said the debate will be conducted on Thursday October 27th, at Bristol Palace Hotel, Kano.
“In line with this year’s physician week, we felt, it is an opportunity to reach out to gubernatorial candidates and briefed them on health matters in Kano state. And for them to showcase their plan to electorates as we are on the verge of 2023 general election.
“The proceedings of the debate will assist us to draft an agenda for the people of Kano. We will conclude the meeting with extraordinary meeting and young doctors day on Saturday,” Mr Sulaiman said.
According to him the governorship candidates invited are Malam Ibrahim Khalil (ADC); Ishak Bashir Ishak (LP); Salihu Tanko Yakasai (PRP); Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada and Abba Kabir Yusuf (NNPP); Dr Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna (APC) and Sadiq Wali (PDP).
Kano state government has 533 doctors in its payroll 
Dr Sulaiman lamented the brain drain of medical doctors working under Kano state government due to poor condition of service and renumeration.
According to him Kano state government has only 533 medical doctors in its payroll spread across state owned health institutions.
“From the break down available to me now. We have 1,063 doctors in Kano state. Out of this number 533 are working under Kano state government (even though most of them are house officers or undergoing internship), we have 400 in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, 96 in National Orthopedic Hospital Dala and 84 doctors working in other private and specialised hospitals,” Dr. Sulaiman.
He said many doctors are leaving Kano state government’s employment to federal government hospitals and other states with better package.
He appealed to federal government to improve welfare of medical doctors to check the mass exodus of doctors abroad.
He said data available has indicated that about 10,296 doctors that are trained in Nigeria are currently working on United Kingdom.
Dr Sulaiman said if the government would address that pay disparity between state and federal, it would mitigate the problem of internal and external brain drain.
“If government would address pay disparity between state and federal government, that would stop doctors from going to Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, among others.
“You know, Nigerian doctors go to even African countries, not only UK or Europe. This is to show you how bad the situation is.
“People would want to work with state government than federal if the salary doesn’t have disparity,” he said.
Dr Suleiman also advised the government to improve working condition of doctors at medical institutions.
He noted that poor working condition, not only good salary, but poor equipment and other logistics would make doctors leave for better.
The chairman noted that people are accusing doctors of being unpatriotic by leaving for foreign countries, saying” doctors are one of the most patriotic in Nigeria in view of the salary they are earning, compared to other countries.
“In some countries, the pay of one doctor, can pay the salaries of all of us sitting on this table monthly and still have change, you can imagine the disparity,” he said.


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