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Nasiru Yusuf
Ahead of the 2023 general elections and lifting of the embargo on political electioneering campaigns, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje said democracy is far better than a military regime.

ALL IN ONE reports that the Governor revealed this during the celebration of Nigeria’s 62nd Independent Anniversary in the state.
According to him, “We are about to kickstart the electioneering campaigns, I appeal to politicians to shun hate speeches, political violence and thuggery. Because this is not what we inherited.
Governor Abdullahi Ganduje during the ceremony
“No matter how bad it is, democracy is far better than a military regime in terms of the development and dividend of democracy we witnessed. We appeal to politicians that we are all brothers.
“They should not do anything that is capable of destabilizing the nation’s peace during the election. So we are hoping that they will cooperate so that election will be conducted peacefully.
Independence parade
“We appeal to all stakeholders to continue to accord the state government the necessary supports to ensure we deliver our mandates.
“We assure you of our relentless efforts to ensure reign in the state but we appeal for your support and cooperation as it is a collective effort.”
He appealed to Nigerians on the need for peaceful coexistence and tolerance in the state and country as a whole irrespective of their diversity and differences.
Independence parade
“This special occasion marking our dear country at 62 years of independence will be the last for this administration. Next year will be a different government, so, I want to use this opportunity to thank you all the good people of Kano.
“I am appealing to politicians to be wary of ill comments and other antisocial behaviours that will destabilise the public peace during this election campaign period. Let me use this opportunity to appeal to Nigerians to continue to be patient with each other. Nigeria is a country with diverse ethnic groups, religion and cultural heritage.
Girls student during the ceremony
“Despite all this, God who created us brings us to live and understand each other. The progress we have in the country, let’s be grateful while where we got it wrong, we should think of ways out,” Ganduje said.


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